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I noticed on several occasions that my American friends, expatriates in Switzerland, came back from their stay in the United States with bags full of food products. But, what could they possibly bring back that we do not find in Switzerland? Would there be any particular interest for an American grocery store?

Without informing them about my project, I gathered them together and I asked them to make me a short list of American products they missed and that they would like to find in a grocery store in Switzerland. I was expecting that each one would propose 5 to 10 different products. I was very surprised, because they all filled out at least one A4 sheet.

One of my friends pointed out: “I know that Swiss chocolate is better than this chocolate bar I put on this list, but to me, it has the advantage of tasting like my childhood.”

Some months later, on October 31st 1996, with the help of two friends, I opened the first “American Market” in Geneva. At the moment of the opening, we only had 200 different products. We were out of stock very fast and we expanded very quickly the range of products.

Some years later in 2002, I opened the second store in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud and it was also a huge success there.

Afterwards, and in order to satisfy the requests of our customers, we included a wide selection of imported products from Great Britain, Canada, as well as a large variety of Mexican products.

Facing Leman Lake, on February 4, 2022, the third American Market opened in Vevey, to the delight of Vevey residents and tourists alike.

Even though there are many American grocery stores on the web nowadays, we can certainly say that American Market was the first American grocery store outside the United States with the largest selection in Europe.

During all these years, our greatest pleasure has been to serve, 3 generations of the same family.

Welcome to the fourth one!

Stéphane Brandt

Come and visit us!

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